What Are You Creating?

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
—Albert Einstein

There really isn’t a way to (healthily) escape the desire to create.

If you are human and breathing (let’s hope so)—then you are creating something (good, bad, or otherwise). 

And when I talk about creating things—I don’t just mean the artsy fartsy stuff. 

We create businesses, relationships, communities, careers, families— as well as music, art, books, culinary delights, etc…..

This urge to create is within all of us and we are either consciously supporting it or we are suppressing it.

If you happen to fall in the former group—YES!  And keep going. Even when it gets challenging and you feel like giving up—keep creating things that feel good.

And if you fall in the latter group, then that doesn’t mean you aren’t creating anything—it just means you aren’t creating from a conscious place.  

If you are alive, you are creating.  The question is—are you creating things you love or things that are a big “hell no”?

Creating from a conscious place = YES. Creating from an unconscious place = A BIG NO.

And creating from an unconscious place is really very similar to having a victim mentality, or feeling like we don’t have the ability to consciously shape or direct our lives. 

I’ll tell you what happens when we ignore our innate desire to create from a conscious place—

We feel empty

We feel small

We feel disconnected

We feel confused

We feel lost

We feel like something is missing

We feel bored

We feel annoyed, irritated + angry

We feel shitty

I don’t know about you, but that isn’t a list of feelings that I want to feel. 

We create to feel connected, alive, joy-filled, in our truths and excited.

We create because it feeds a fire in us that simply makes us happier humans.

And happier, more conscious humans is a very, very good thing. 


Create that painting. Create that song. Create that business you’ve been dying to create. 

Create that healthy body + mind.  Create more love and connection in your life. 

Create your beautiful life today. 

Give yourself 100%, unwavering permission to do so. 


Big blessings


P.S.  What are you creating right now that has you happy as a kid in a candy store? What are you wanting to create right now but aren’t for whatever reason?


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