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3 traits of natural manifestors

You know that person who has the midas touch, but they don’t know a THING about manifesting or law of attraction?  

Or what about the eternal optimist that has read EVERY book on manifesting, joins a new self-help group or mastermind every other month—yet seems to never be able to create what they want? 

How do we make sense of the people that seem to contradict what we’ve learned about manifesting? And how do they do it, if they don’t even know about it, study it, or work at it? 

Some people are just natural manifestors. They may not know a thing about manifesting, but they seem to get what they want—almost always. 

The common traits these people have?  

  • Confidence & faith. They know they are going to get what they want. They believe in themselves and they just know, without a doubt, they will get it.  They expect it. 
  • Persistence and drive. They don’t let failure stop them. They learn from their mistakes, move on and keep going. They don’t give up.
  • Glass half-full people. This trait tends to go hand in hand with persistence and confidence to yield powerful results. Positive, confident and driven—the trifecta for powerful manifesting. 

But what about the people that work so hard at it (manifesting workshops, meditating, self-help books, retreats, etc.) and they don’t seem to be able to get what they want? They seem to be caught in a perpetual loop of issues, despite all their hard work. 

There could be a number of reasons for this, but there a few that seem to show up for most people when this happens—

  • They aren’t doing the work consistently enough. They say they are, but they aren’t doing it consistently enough to shift the vibration.  They are doing it a portion of the time, but the universe doesn’t recognize a portion. It recognizes the dominant vibration. 
  • They have feelings, thoughts and energy that they aren’t aware of. Some people may call these subconscious beliefs, but I just call them unconscious. They simply aren’t aware of an underlying energy that’s holding them back. 
  • They don’t believe it or they are forcing things they don’t truly believe. The whole “fake it until you make it” thing doesn’t apply with manifesting. The universe is a tad wiser than that. This is why it’s critical to become aware of any of those unconscious beliefs/feelings we may have. 

​​​​​​​So whether or not you’re a natural manifestor, or a student of manifesting and energy—remember the trifecta for powerful manifesting. 


Many good vibes your way today. 

Enjoy your life!




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