Hero at the Beginning


Know what this means?

It’s a Sanskrit word that means “Hero at the beginning.”

It’s the pattern of being super excited about something, whether it be the high you are on after reading a great book, attending a workshop, or deciding to make a big change in your life, etc. . . . and then falling back into old habits in a short period of time.

It’s the slip-sliding back into our old ways of being, when we just caught a glimpse of something that made us want to change— something that made us feel more alive. ️

We get jazzed. We get all fired up. We feel like NOTHING will get in our way.

Until something does . . . 

And then we quit.

We give up. And we go back to our old ways of thinking, feeling, being and doing. We go back to our comfort zone because, most often, it’s just easier than changing.

But easier is where it can get fuzzy. Easy doesn’t necessarily mean better. Easy doesn’t equal what our soul may be guiding us towards. Easy may just be an excuse we use to hide our hero away.

“Hero” being that part of us that is guided by heart, by LOVE, by God, by whatever word it is for you.

Our hero is that part of us that is connected to our truth, our path and our deeper knowing.

Honestly, I don’t care about being a hero (heroine?)

I care about being happy. I care about having quality time with family and friends. I care about experiencing life fully. I care about being healthy.

I care about embodying the energy of love as much as I can. I care about being energetically rich in every aspect of my life.

And sometimes in order to have all of those amazing things that we want in our lives—we must be the hero of our story.

We don't give up. We keep going. We dig deep and welcome our hero.

I found a deeper and more profound relationship with my inner hero & aligned self when digging in more deeply with my Human Design and Gene Keys. Total life changer.

Whatever you do and wherever you are—have an outstanding day (or afternoon/eve) and a fabulous week.

Big blessings



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