How I Manifest Things More Quickly

Manifesting, law of attraction, energy & vibration are all things that I am super passionate about. It’s my calling. 

How could I not be madly in love with these things? 

They brought me the love of my life (in Brazil, at a wacky spiritual retreat, of all places… 

They brought me hope in the darkest of times. ✨

They brought wealth, opportunities and all sorts of business magic. 💰

They brought health, travel & spiritual connection. 🙏

These practices, laws and concepts are the very reason I live an energetically rich life and help others to do the same. 

Whatever pain you are feeling, you can heal.

Whatever desire you may have, you can have it with a bit of practice. 

If there is a place in your life you want to fix, change, heal or shift . . . you can!

I know because I’ve lived it.

I know because I had a lot to shift and I did it against all odds. 

​​​​​​​I know because Ive seen countless others do it that are committed and follow through. 

And I am here to tell you, on this fine Halloween day (Happy Halloween!🎃) that it isn’t rocket science to create a life you love. 

​​​​​​​It isn’t as hard as you make it—creating wealth and abundance. 

It isn’t as complex as you may think it is to have the things you want in this life.

In my 11+ years of studying and teaching manifesting, LOA and energy/vibration principles, I have found a few shortcuts along the way.  

These things are so simple AND effective when they are used and applied consistently. Consistency is the key. 

1. Understand the basics of manifesting. You’ll want to understand the very basic principles of manifesting in order to make the most out of it. You are manifesting (whether you believe it or not) because manifesting is based on the universal law of attraction and universal laws happen with or without your awareness. But the key is to become a conscious manifestor. This means you start to attract and manifest things you align your energy with, rather than leaving your life on autopilot. 

​​​​​​​2. Decide what it is you want to manifest or create in your life. Do you want more money? How much and by when ? Do you want to attract a soulmate? Better health? Travel? Get clear about what you desire and then get even more clear. Set intentions about your desire, journal and get clear about the elements of the things you want to create. Details make all the difference. 

3. Faith and confidence. Live as if you already have what you want. It’s the art of imagination on steroids  Live your life feeling AS IF you already have those things. FEEL what that feels like. IF you already had these things in your life, would you feel bummed, frustrated, angry or lonely? No! You would feel pleasure, happy enjoyment, and fulfilled. Stay in the feeling of already having it. Embody FAITH and knowing. 

4. LET GO. Be unattached. This one can be the most challenging, I know. 

​​​​​​​But when you hold on so tightly to what you want, you chase it away. Get clear on the desire, feel the wonder of it already being yours, and then be so confident and full of faith that it’s yours, that you can let it go. You wouldn’t need to obsess over something that you already had, right? So you can let it go, knowing the universe is bringing it to you in divine timing, and move on and enjoy each moment of your beautiful life.

5. Be grateful for each and every moment. Gratitude brings on the miracles in full force. Practice becoming a gratitude master!

Understand and agree with the concepts and laws.

Decide what you want, set clear intentions.

Live as if it's already yours and have faith in the Universe.

Let go, be grateful and unattached.

Practice these things on a consistent basis and you will absolutely receive miracles in your life.

Miracles and manifesting are the result of getting in alignment with your energy and with your soul.  

When you do this, you are opening the door to what seems miraculous, magical, or special, when the truth is—it is who you are at your core.

You are a natural extension of pure, divine energy, so creating a life you love is already in your nature.  It is already yours. 

The choice?? 

Choose to live each and every day knowing the truth of who you are.

Let go of the b.s. stories you’ve told yourself and embrace the YOU that can manifest miracles. Yes. You. Can. You’re a natural at it, after all. 

​​​​​​​Happy, Happy Halloween beautiful souls!



P.S. want to join a 21 day manifesting challenge if I put one together? Let me know! I recently joined one, didn’t even read the material and manifested 4k in 7 days. That’s what being in the miracle energy is all about!!


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