I said NEVER EVER again.

I said no way in this lifetime again. NO. WAY.

I was annoyed by people that did this very thing. Rightfully so in most cases.

But you know that saying . . . “never say never?” It’s true.


Things change. Life changes and our minds open to new things.

So when this new thing came along that I would have normally said “HELL NO” to—something had indeed changed. I was curious.

But my brain was saying . . . .

I don’t need this. Don’t have the time. Just don’t need it.


I have love, health, prosperity, and happiness. I get to travel the world with my favorite people.

My daughters are adulting. They are happy and healthy. They are also traveling the world (Hayden is en route to Thailand as I write this and Ellie leaves for Colorado next week).

The life I have now, I have worked HARD for. It did not happen by chance, luck or inheritance. It did not happen by playing small or by not going outside my comfort zone.

I feel free and I feel like all the work I have done on mindset, manifesting and spiritual/personal growth . . . has worked.

But I don’t tend to share all the details of my personal and professional life with the world because I am not really into the braggy/showy, LOOK AT ME thing.

So why point out these wins now?

Because the point is . . . I don’t really need this NEW THING. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And when that happens, I know it’s SPIRIT telling me to KEEP ON IT.

But part of me was still thinking . . . .

What will they think? My people?

They will think I am that annoying person. I will be JUDGED. I will lose my credibility.

And then the other part of my brain was like . . .

Who effing cares! If it’s something that you enjoy and that you feel good about—DO IT. BE JUDGED. DON’T HOLD BACK.


So . . . I am venturing out on the “WHAT IF” path.

I have (generally and predominantly) found it to be a path that leads to growth, miracles and NEXT LEVEL LIVING.

Miracles follow when we say YES to things that push us out of our comfort zones.

But it isn’t comfortable. That’s why it’s called a comfort zone and not a discomfort zone : )

The point in all of this is to be open, curious and willing to get uncomfortable at times.

  • Be open to changing your mind.
  • Be open to seeing a new perspective.
  • Be willing to let go of past judgments. It’s the past!

This is where true growth happens.

Even if it fails. Even if people DO judge you.

Regardless of if it works out how you’d like it to, or not . . . .


Taking the leap of faith is how you win.

Taking a risk and being vulnerable is how you win.

Being willing to look silly and weird . . . .



So what's the thing?
What's this thing that I swore I'd never do, judged other for and that I am now saying YES to?

Vacuum cleaner sales? Amway? Moving to France to grow lavender (I wish : ) Did I join a cult? What the heck is it? A tattoo of my spirit animal on my chest? NOPE.

It’s a fun little side hustle that incorporates some of my favorite things—beauty, powerful women, prosperity, conscious community and personal growth. I wanted to give a heads up to all my FB friends, to let you know I will be sharing more about it on my page.

Heads up, friends!

If you’re curious and want to hear more—I will be doing a live stream soon to share a bit more about THE THING (might as well kick it off doing something that makes me feel a tad uncomfortable . . . and live streams accomplish that).

Here’s to being silly & uncomfortable (and willing : )

And wild and free.



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