Have you ever had the urge to strip off all your clothes and walk though the woods? Or just the desire to be NAKED—to feel free and unencumbered?

And maybe that can be both literally and figuratively.

I am not the type that runs around my house naked all the time (not that that is an issue ; ) but I do have moments when I simply want that sense of LESS.


Less clothing, less distractions, less stuff to do . . . LESS.

But as much as I’d love to wander naked though our community 22 acres—it may cross a few boundaries or HOA rules.

Damn, those boundaries and rules.

So what do we do instead? What do we do when we want to feel free, less bogged down, more alive, and more connected?


What do we do when we want to strip it all away for a moment and experience that freedom of nothingness?

We sit under a tree. Women, we go without a bra for a day (just started doing this . . . it’s amazing).

We go barefoot whenever we can and connect with the earth energy (my favorite, that’s why my nickname is Barefoot Belle : )


We do less things that we feel we "tolerate" and more things that we know we "require" in order to feel alive, free and pure.

 We sing, we dance, we hug, we smile, we laugh. We clear our desks and create clean spaces to live in.

We get rid of clutter and remove things that feel undone.


We strip away the unnecessary, so we can find the necessary.

We strip it all down to the bare necessities, in order to discover what we truly need to be happy, connected and alive.

Or maybe, for the truly courageous and uninhibited—it’s that little stroll through the woods in your b-day suit   😉👏🌳






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