Time to Call in the Light

Time to call in the light, light people—LOTS of it!

The news is primarily a source of negativity and darkness, so why engage?

And my personal belief is that it is used as a means to control, incite fear, divide people and keep us primarily focused on WHAT’S WRONG—so we don’t have the energy to realize how much power we have to truly change things—simply by what we CHOOSE TO FOCUS ON.

I know many would say it’s irresponsible to NOT watch what is happening around the world and you can’t live in the dark and just ignore what’s happening. 

How can we change things if we don’t know what’s going on? 

I know this won't be a popular stance—but I believe it's even MORE important to not engage with that energy, if you truly want to take a stand for the light.

Yes, get mad, feel what you feel about it, get involved in a way that FEELS GOOD if you can, but don’t get sucked into the dark energy that the news is famous for. Is the intent of mainstream news to help us find a way to come together and feel better? Or is the intent to show as much shit as they can, because the shit is what people mainly watch?

I went for a long walk and Spirit told me to disengage from the news and to love, forgive, love, forgive, love, forgive, love, forgive. 

It’s the hardest thing to do—when what our physical eyes see is pain, injustice, atrocities and lack of love. But that is what the dark wants you to see . . . and it wins that way.

See the light, be the light, love, forgive, love, forgive.

And I know it’s easy for me to sit here and say that when I am sitting in my cozy home and not directly impacted by what happened.

But then again, any human that feels a shred of humanity—feels hurt when another brother or sister is hurt.

We are being asked in a BIG WAY to return to love.

It’s no joke.




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