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What You Seek is Seeking You

"What you seek is seeking you.” .
—Jalaluddin Rumi

Have you ever been scared to death about something, but you knew you needed to say YES anyway? You knew you needed to push through the fear and just do it.

You also had a sense that the discomfort of saying NO would be far greater than the discomfort of saying YES. 

But the YES can come with some hesitation, can't it? It can come with some doubt, some fear and some uncomfortableness.
It can also come in the form of excuses and rationalizing.

That dodgy old voice kicks in that says . . . .

  • what if it doesn’t work?
  • what if they don’t like it?
  • what if it isn’t what I expected?
  • what if I fail?

Guess what? All those things MAY just happen. Yep, you might fail. It may not work. They may not like it. You may be wrong. It may not be what you expected.

AND . . .

It may work. They may love it. You may just be right. It may be JUST what you expected (and in my experience, we generally get what we expect. The trick is in knowing what we are expecting on an energetic level).

But where do you get without trying?

Where do you end up when you set your big YES aside and ignore it? How does it feel when you hear YES and then act like you didn't hear it?

Even those times that I said “yes to the yes” and I didn’t feel like it went exactly the way I wanted to—there was a huge lesson in it.

Even those times I said yes, and I thought it wasn’t as good as it could have been—there was a giant learning piece in it (like don’t beat yourself up, lady).

Those times you say YES—even when it doesn’t quite turn out exactly as you’d like–can all be incredible learning experiences when you choose to see it that way, right?

So, the only real mistake is in hiding away your YES. When you turn away from what’s calling you forward and hold back from stepping into your happiness, your light and what’s true for you—that’s when the disconnection happens. But when you say “yes to your yes”—you are open to possibilities, awareness, and growth.

It's only then that you truly live life outside the box.




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