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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you’ll find, you get what you need .
— Rolling Stones

Like it, love it or hate it, there is wisdom in this verse from the Rolling Stones song.

And while there may be wisdom in it—that doesn’t mean it’s easy to accept.

There was a point in my life when I strongly disliked the idea of not being able to get what I wanted.

My disappointment wasn’t from a place of feeling entitled or spoiled. It was from a place of feeling like if I took the time to learn manifesting and mindset principles, then I should be able to attract what I wanted.

Otherwise . . . what was the point?


Why should we go through ALL THAT WORK to master our energy, change our thoughts, feelings and beliefs—if it doesn’t get us what we want?

The answer is simple.

We go through all that work because even if we don’t get everything we want, we learn to master the things that matter the most—our thoughts, feelings and actions (and that shit blows the doors off of anything we want ; )

We learn that gifts come in unexpected ways and that true happiness and spiritual connection don’t come from needing outside things to make us happy. 


We learn that happiness and spiritually meaningful lives are inside jobs.
We learn that what we think is a choice, how we feel is a choice and how we act in life, is a choice.

We learn that we get to choose how to react, no matter what.

And that is the most powerful gift we receive in letting go.

I didn’t learn this lesson the easy way. Most of us don’t.

I lived a portion of my life being dependent on outside factors to dictate my happiness.

I was addicted to needing to have things be a certain way in order to feel ok.

Can you relate?

But that all changed when I learned to let go.


And In learning to let go—I gained my life back (so can you).

When I learned to let go of feeling like I wasn’t thin enough, or pretty enough—I gained self-love and acceptance.

When I learned to let go of feeling I needed to put everyone else’s needs before my own—I discovered healthy boundaries.

When I let go of feeling I needed to be the perfect parent that did everything for her kids—I gained happier and more self-confident and self-sufficient kids.


When I let go of addiction to things—I gained freedom.

When I let go of needing to control —I gained flexibility and trust in the highest good.

When I let go of needing approval from others—I gained self-respect.

When I let go of a relationship that was no longer working—I gained my life partner and soul mate.

When I let go of thinking everyone else had the answers, but me—I gained wisdom and intuitive insights.


When I let go of playing small and hiding from my wants and desires—I gained world travel, prosperity, my truth and a deeper connection to Spirit.

We go through the work so we can learn how to be even more powerful magnets for our wants and desires. We learn to let go, so we can receive in a more powerful way. We learn the art of letting go.

This doesn’t mean we don’t go after our desire like a dog after a bone.

It doesn’t mean we give up and settle.

It doesn’t mean we feel bad about wanting what we want.

It’s natural to want.

But what’s not natural is wanting things so badly that it turns into a negative.

When wanting turns into obsession, or strong negative emotion—we squeeze the life out of it.

When we want so strongly that it takes over our life—we cease to be in the flow of allowing.

And in the end, what you’ll find, is that even if that very thing you wanted doesn’t come to you EXACTLY as you envisioned it—you’ll find you almost always get what you need.




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